Ástund Victory

Ástund Victory. A horse friendly saddle
for extreme conditions.

Our latest model from Ástund.

A high quality horse friendly saddle.

Super soft with perfectly balanced seat and grippy knee support.Durable for extreme conditions and suited for professional and leisure riders. The panels are flocked with the highest quality of wool like all our Ástund saddles. It has adjustable stirrup bars for your convenience.
Made to suit the female anatomy with  shaped knee rolls for your knee support.
It is made on a flexible wooden tree with laser springs to keep shape of the  saddle. Designed and made by the Ástund team.


For further detailed information please contact our saddle specialist.

Ástund Wakanda. A High Quality Saddle.

Ástund Wakanda

Is a mono flap saddle. Super soft seat and panels with a narrow twist and cross webbing to suit female riders better. Very lightweight. Close contact, supportive knee rolls and medium deep soft seat. Extremely soft panels which makes this saddle exceedingly horse friendly.  Adjustable stirrup bars for your convenience. High quality leather with a grippy feel. Made to suit the female anatomy. Therefore it is the perfect  choice for female riders. For more information contact Mummi the designer. mummi@astund.is tel +354 568 4240.

Wakanda is a name from the Indian Sioux tribe and means
“Posses Inner Magical Powers”

The Ástund Saddles

  • Ástund made it’s first saddle in 1985, the Ástund Special. One can say that this was the saddle which revolutionised saddlemaking in Iceland.
  • Due to its design and construction Ástund Special immediately became one of the most popular saddle in Iceland in it´s time.
  • The Ástund Special like all other Ástund saddles was the first saddle to be made on a totally flexible tree, using natural materials.
  • The Ástund tree is a spring tree made of 4-5 layers of Birch wood with laser treated steel springs for durability.
  • The Ástund saddle is designed to act as a shock absorber between horse and rider.Therefore it is very important that both the tree and the saddle are thoroughly flexible but still distributes the weight of the rider evenly on the horses back
  • All Ástund saddles spread the weight of the rider as evenly as possible over the horse’s back and reduce the shock waves.
  • All Ástund saddles are handcrafted from the finest, premium selection of  leather.
  • The panels are stuffed with firm medium-density flock,  which performs superbly with the flexible Ástund tree.
  • All Ástund saddles are fitted with adjustable stirrup bars allowing five differnt positions of the stirrup leathers to accompany your thigh leg length.

On this computer graph you  can  see the movement of the rider in the saddle.

  • As a result of the development, design and quality  Ástund saddles   have a reputation for being extremely horse-friendly.
  • Feel the sensation of riding in an Ástund saddle.
  • Choose your own width.The Ástund saddles come in three different widths to fit different needs. (* N (Narrow 86-88°) M (Medium 94-96°) W (Wide 101-103°)
  • Most Icelandic horses require the middle width. Horses with extremely narrow shoulders may need the narrow fit. Horses with extremely wide shoulders may need the wide fit.

Ástund IceLand

Gudmundur Arnarsson (Mummi) and Arnar Gudmundsson
together with a team of Iceland´s professional riders.
Please contact Mummi for further information and orders.

Ástund IceLand

Ástund IceLand

Celebrating our 40th anniversary in November 2016 we introduced an all new Ástund saddle. For optimum performance both in training and competition,
this saddle offers perfect leg position, contact and great balance.
Two years of research and development has resulted in this saddle of unsurpassed quality, manufactured from the very best materials.
It has new scalloped panels, that are very horse-friendly and allows more freedom for the horses shoulder. A super soft seat for the rider and patent leather for more cosmetic looks. Adjustable stirrup bars as on all  our Ástund saddles.
Our special touch of professionalism makes this chic saddle unique and we proudly named it.  Ástund IceLand

Ástund Xenophon


Ástund has been designing and manufacture saddles since 1985. First and foremost, the philosophy has always been to make a “Horse Friendly” saddle. This saddle is a High Tech horse friendly saddle. It gives the rider the support and confidence  needed. Deep seat, firm supportive knee rolls, laced in panels, lined and flocked the horse friendly way. Five different position for the stirrup leathers to help you achieve better control and to accommodate the length of you thigh leg.

The saddle is named after the Greek philosopher “Xenophon”