Krás from Laugarvatn

In 1970 I got my first horse to Reykjavík. After that there was no turning back. The whole family took part and when the children where little they enjoyed riding and being in the stable among the horses. Especially my son Guðmundur Arnarsson (Mummi) who is a qualified FT trainer and a riding teacher from Hólar University College. We run a stable with 20 horses in Vídidalur  in Reykjavík

We started breeding in 1991 with the mare Krás from Laugarvatn. Again there was no turning back. Our philosophy in breeding is “quality above quantity” and never show our young horses until they are at least five years old and ready.
We have been very fortunate with our breeding and the offspring from Krás, Rás and Þyrla have proofed to be well above average.

Please read all about our breeding and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information.

With regards.
Arnar Guðmundsson

Mummi og Krás

Krás in a Tölt competition 2001.
Second place. Ridden by Guðmundur Arnarsson ( Mummi)

Our breeding mare Krás from Laugarvatn B. 1985 B. 7.63 H. 8.64. Hella 1994. Tölt 9.0 Trott 9.0 Pace 9.0.

1: Frami from Ragnheidarstadir. B.1991
F. Gumi from Laugarvatn.
First price stallion, first place for five year old at Hella 1996.
B. 8.36 H. 8.12.
Legs 9.8.
Trained by Gudmundur Arnarsson
Shown by Thordur Thorgeirsson

2: Rás from Ragnheidarstadir. B. 1993
F. Orri from Thufa
First price mare, fourth place for five year old at Landsmót 1998.
B. 7.93 H. 8.19
Tölt 9.5.
Trained by Gudmundur Arnarsson. Shown by Thordur Thorgeirsson
In 2002 Rás won the tölt competition at Landsmót in Vindheimamelar and
was Icelandic Champion in tölt  the same year. Rider Eyjólfur Ísólfsson

3: Thyrla from Ragnheidarstadir. B. 1997
F. Svartur from Unalækur
First price mare, first place for six year old at Hella 2003
B 8.11 h: 8.33.
Tölt 8.5 pace 8.5 tempram 8.5 riding 8.5
Trained by Gudmundur Arnarsson
Shown by Thordur Thorgeirsson
Owners Arnar Gudmundsson and Jaap Groven.

4: Drottning from Ragnheidarstadir. B. 1998
F. Orri from Thufa.
Score 7,90
Trained by Gudmundur Arnarsson.
Shown by Thordur Thorgeirsson
Owners Arnar Guðmundsson and Jaap Groven.

5: Ás from Ragnheidarstadir. B.1999
F. Hrynjandi from Hreppholar

6: Dama from Ragnheidarstadir. B. 2000
F: Orri from Thufa.

7: Rós from Ragnheidarstadir. B. 2002
F. Orri from Thufa

8: Rut from Ragnheidarstadir B.2003
F. Gári from Audsholtshjalega

9: Draumur from Ragnheidarstadir B. 2004
F. Orri from Thufa

10: Katla from Flagbjarnarholt B. 2005
F. Rökkvi from Hárlaugsstadir

11: Freyja from Flagbjarnarholt B. 2006
F: Orri from Thufa

12: Kvistur from Flagbjarnarholt B. 2007
F: Aron from Strandarhöfud

13: Stólpi from Flagbjarnarholt B. 2008
F: Stáli from Kjarr
Blup: 118

14: Krás from Flagbjarnarholt B. 2009
F: Vilmundur from Fet

Arnar and Rás
Rás, Landsmóts Winner in Tölt 2002 and
Icelandic Champion in Tölt 2002 ritten by
Eyjólfur Ísólfsson

Rás was born 1993. F. Orri from þúfa M. Krás from Laugarvatn.
Trained by Guðmundur Arnarsson and  shown by Þórður Þorgeirsson 1998.
Landsmót 1998. Fourth place for five year old mares.
B. 7,93 H. 8,19 Total 8,06  For tölt she scored 9,5.
Rás won the tölt competition at Landsmót 2002 at Vindheimamelar.
She was Icelandic Champion in tölt the same year with the total score of 8,89
in both competitions. Rider Eyjólfur Ísólfsson.
Arnar og Rás á Hellu 1998

Drottning in training

Drottning was born 1998. F. Orri from Þúfa M. Krás from Laugarvatn.
Trained by Guðmundur Arnarsson and shown by Þórður Þorgeirsson 2003.

B.7,94 H. 7,88 Total 7,88

Thyrla in training

Þyrla was born 1997. F. Svartur from Unalækur M. Krás from Laugarvatn.
Trained by Guðmundur Arnarsson and shown by Þórður Þorgeirsson 2003.
First place for six years old mares at Hella.

B.8,11 H.8,33 Total 8,24
Just to mention two offsprings from Þyrla.
Þota from Flagbjarnarholt. b. 2005 score 2010. B. 8,40 H. 8,32. Total 8,35
Þráinn from Flagbjarnarholt. b.2012 score 2017 B.8,61 H. 8,75 Total 8,69

Rás from Ragnheiðarstaðir

Rás and Eyjólfur in the finals at Icelandic Championship in tölt
2002 in Víðidalur Reykjavík

Rás and Eyjólfur showing us the Spanish Walk.

Hylur from Flagbjarnarholt

Hylur was born 2013. F. Herkules from Ragnheiðarstaðir.
M. Rás from Rangheiðarstaðir.
Trained by Ísólfur Þórisson and shown  for confirmation in spring 2017.
Hylur made world record for a 4 year old for confirmation by scoring 8,96.
It is our  policy not to show  off springs younger that a five year old. Only  for confirmation. In 2020 Gudmar Thor Pétursson is a part owner and trainer.
In a breeding show 2020. Hylur got 9,09 for confirmation and 8,54 in total score.
8,92 in total score (as a 4-gaiter). Rider Gudmar Thor Pétursson.
World record.
9,09 for confirmation is the highest score for an Icelandic horse in the world.
Please go to videos in about us for further details.

Hlynur frá Ragnheiðarstöðum

Hlynur frá Ragnheiðarstöðum f. 2004.
F. Aron frá Strandarhöfði
M. Rás frá Ragnheiðarstöðum
Trained by Guðmundur Arnarsson.

B. 8,33 H. 7,97 Aðaleinkun 8,12

Gudmundur (Mummi) in a competition with Hlynur

Gudmundur (Mummi) and Hlynur practicing fast tölt.

Rás from Ragnheiðarstaðir

Eyjólfur and Rás Champions in Tölt in Iceland  2002.

Eyjólfur and Rás showing the Spanish Walk.

Rás five years old at Hella. Arnar and Rás  at Hella 1998.