About us

We are pleased to introduce our website, which will give you easy access to a variety of products for the Icelandic horse and rider. Hopefully, it will help you to order direct or through our distributors in your country.

Our website does not include all our products so if you need any further information about our products please send us an e-mail regarding your requirements on astund@astund.is

Ástund was founded in the year 1976.
It is an independent family run company serving quality tack for the Icelandic horse for over 40 years. Together with our staff we have the knowledge and experience to serve the most concerned customers.

We have extended our facilities and renovated our shop to meet the demands of a new era. You can now select the very best in clothing from AIGLE. Casual riding wear together with fashion clothing and boots. Without doubt, Ástund is the most sophisticated equestrian company in Iceland, with the knowledge and experience of more than 40 years in the trade. The design and production of our Ástund saddles and other equestrian products, done in co-operation with the best professional riders, has been more than successful.

Ástund runs its own advanced workshop since 1986. We now make five different models of Ástund saddles.
WINNER PLUS, XENOPHON, EPONA, WAKANDA and our latest model ÁSTUND ICELAND which is our Anniversary model celebrating the companies 40th Anniversary. Our specialized tack shop selling everything for the horse and rider is at Háaleitisbraut 68. 103. Reykjavík. If you are interested in our breeding please contact us on astund@astund.is

Gudmundur Arnarsson (Mummi) qualifies as a professional trainer and riding teacher from Hólar University College 2005.

Gudmundur Arnarsson (Mummi) Ástund´s manager is a professional trainer and riding teacher from Hólar University College.
You are welcome to contact Mummi for clinics and professional advise if you need help with your horse.

May the horse be with you.